Loan Schemes

The Zambia Police Thrift, Credit and Co-operative Society offers two types of loans to it’s members, and this depends on the members account savings balance and monthly contribution. These are soft loans and ordinary loans.

1. Soft Loans

These are given by discretion of management as emergency loans for unforeseen problems such as funerals and illness. However verbal claims are not accepted and you will be required to produce documented proof or a letter from your superiors to confirm your predicament. The amount you get depends on your savings balance and monthly contribution.

The loan amount does not exceed K5, 000.00.

2. Ordinary Loans

These loans are given through the Credit Committee of the Society. The committee considers applications approximately every month and subject to demand. The maximum loan amount is “80 Thousand Kwacha”.

Requirements for Ordinary Loan

(i) A Minimum Monthly Contribution as advised in the table shown.

(ii) Accumulate a quarter of the amount desired or applied for in your savings account. In other words the loan amount approved is four times your savings balance.

Once loan cheque is issued, your contributions after this will go towards recovery of the loan for a minimum possible period. In addition to the figure obtained as loan, interest is charged at 2.5% of the unpaid balance per month. Therefore you will pay less interest for a shorter period of repayment.


* Withdrawals are not allowed after the loan cheque is issued.
* Redeeming of loan by cash or cheque is accepted.


To apply for a loan:

Call us: +260-211-251846 / 250008

Email us: